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KeyMacro is a simple software which makes your keyboard a bit more “smart”. The program recognizes the keyboard key pressed, prints what has been pressed, and writes it to a log file. As a result, you can get any keyboard shortcut key to print the name of the application that has been pressed, or which application calls it, for example, you can have your TAB key print the program name of the active window.
KeyMacro is simple, yet has a lot of potential. It is not difficult to extend the program with support for more keystrokes, and even for a special modifier key.
This tool is mainly intended for keyboard users.
•keylogger for almost any program
•records what has been pressed on the keyboard
•extend the list of keystrokes to include most common commands of the shell
•print the current key or command name for each pressed key
•save to the log file the time when the key was pressed, the program that was active at the time, and the name of the window where the key was pressed.
•save the list of keystrokes to a text file.
•it prints the line number on the screen if a key has been pressed
•It is very easy to extend the list of the keystrokes.
1. Copy the files from the package to your hard disk.
2. Start the setup.exe.
3. Click Next and agree to the terms and conditions.
4. Click Next to continue.
5. Choose the installation directory.
6. Click Next and select all the boxes.
7. Click Next again to continue.
8. Click Install.
9. Restart the computer.
10. Click Finish.
11. Click Yes.
12. Start the program.
User’s manual is included with the program.
KeyMacro is a freeware, but it’s possible to use the paid versions of the program.

The new version of SysDef Pro Ultra 4.4 fixes bugs and adds new features.
Now you can easily restore damaged registry files or other important parts of your computer.
The new version includes several new functions and includes support for Windows XP SP2.
Additionally, this version includes a native Windows XP SP2 optimization routine.
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KeyMacro is a powerful, lightweight and fast application that can be used to generate a huge number of one-time passwords. It has many nice and useful features and you can try it out yourself.
KEYMACRO has a maximum of 10 tries to unlock a strong or weak master password. The number of tries is given by the user and is stored in the registry.
You can even create single use codes for some trusted users, only they can use it.
You can use one of these generated passwords in your applications, documents or when using other online services.
The generated passwords are strong and new password are created automatically after each failed attempt.
* Keys generated with KEYMACRO works with all types of software.
* Please make sure that the software you are using to use the generated codes has an appropriate interface to send and receive the codes.
* Please note that Keys generated with KEYMACRO can not be used in online banking or if your financial service or service provider works with only one certain password.
* If you are using an external server, you need to register in the KeyMacro app. If you don’t do this, you need to enter a passcode or your file history to get the same codes.
* Some banks support the use of one-time codes but you must have the right pass code.
* To generate keys, you need to enter a master password. If you lose the password, it can be easily recovered.
* If the generated key is strong, the current key will be removed from the list and the number of tries will be reduced to the value that was used to generate the key.
* Please make sure that you have at least one password that is not a password from the list.
* There is a Master Password file to store the master password, to avoid writing it in the registry.
* It also has a password history file to store the passwords.
* It will automatically save the password file, and any change made to the passwords will be automatically saved into the password history file.
* It will be possible to login with only one-time codes to any application, so you only need to log in with one code for your application.
* You can specify if the keys generated with KEYMACRO are allowed to be used only once, multiple times, or never.
* You can save passwords to a file.
* The app will show you the current list of generated keys, password and master password.
* You


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