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AJaTT is a small utility designed to help you keep track of the time spent for different tasks. You can configure a task hierarchy and by a small icon switch between these tasks.
Users will have the possibility to save their reports as tables or by exporting them to Excel documents that can be processed with greater ease.


Download —>

Download —>






AJaTT 0.8.0 Activation Key Download (Updated 2022)

Status report viewer plugin for Trac.
– Reports generation in Trac
– It’s installed and enabled by default in the trac.ini file
– You can activate all reports from the interface or use
“Trac.Trial./AJaTT-Test” to access the sample reports
– The records saved in the CSV files are human-readable, so you can use them in your reports
– By using the “Export to Excel” button, you can generate a CSV file with the tasks you performed in a specific period
– If you save the logs in
you can use the “Restore from log” button to reconstruct your report.
– The user interface is configured in trac.ini with:
Other plugins that are compatible with the AJATT plugin may need to be set also in the trac.ini file
You can find more information about the AjaTT plugin on its home page:

For more information on the structure and content of the reports, see the documentation:

Known Issues/Wishlist:
– I’m working to add a more intuitive session management feature in the AjaTT plugin. One that will allow you to choose the data of the last reports or save the reports as lists. I will post the final results in this thread
New Features:
– Trac 1.0
– Reports in the logs
– Export to CSV (and Excel)

Oh, my bad, i wrote trac.log.sample.web, but it was a simple typo, i meant trac.log.sample.web. its all ok now. thanks for your help, sorry for the inconveniences!

Testing the plugin with the development version of Trac and the (Python 3) version of the AJATT plugin that I use. I cannot recall having seen a project

AJaTT 0.8.0 Crack +

AJaTT is a small utility designed to help you keep track of the time spent for different tasks. This
application allow to configure a hierarchical list of tasks, for each task you can set a
duration time for execution. You can switch between tasks by a small icon.
Time report
aJaTT generates a report like the ones that you can see on the left of this description.
You will have the possibility to export the report as a table or to an excel document. In both
cases the table or the spreadsheet will be filled with time data.
Import/Export can be useful for manipulating data that you want to export and then import
The user interface is written in C# and it’s very simple, even if the application is intended for
end-users (see the screenshots).
There is not any support for this application.
Copyright (c) 2010 by aqueous IRC.
All the credit for this application goes to the author and to IRC.
This software is hereby licensed to you “AS IS” under the
following license terms.
You may not use or copy this software for any commercial
purpose. No warranties are provided.
– You may not redistribute this software except for your own
commercial use.
– You may not modify or distribute the software.
– You may not create any derivative works
This license applies to this software only.
Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and
its documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted,
provided that this notice appears in all copies.
This software is provided “AS IS” without
any warranty, express or implied.
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Time & Action Tracking

AJaTT is a small program where you can track the time and actions spent by a user for different tasks. You can save this reports as tables or an Excel document and export the data to other software such as MS Excel or MS Access (Excel helps to track data in a easier way).

Task Hierarchy

By using the tree, you can configure and change the way a task is organized. As a result, you can see what tasks require more time and which are done faster.

Export to MS Excel

You can export the data to any Excel document


In each task, you can make a search with the characters you have used


Print the report by entering the date, the time and choose the output format

Preset Time Length

You can set the exact time length to be tracked by the user.

You can also set a default time length for all the tasks, for example, 2 hours.

Works with Windows XP and Windows 7

AJaTT can be used as a complete standalone application. You can install it even if you do not have a Microsoft Windows operating system. For this you just need a browser, any web browser will do. You can get more information about downloading aJaTT from our Download page and open a web browser.


Click New, on the top task menu, choose the tree view and type a name for your task. Now you can add some information in your task such as a description, time length and others. Once finished, click on the small icon in the right corner of your task to configure it.

If you want to switch from the tree view, you will need to click “from tree view”, when finished, click “to tree view” and choose a name for your new tree view.

Once you are finished, click “Save”. Now you have a task saved!

In this mode, you will have the ability to add a description, time length, manage tasks or export the data to MS Excel.

Click New, on the top menu, choose the list view and add a task. You will be able to add a description, time length, another task and another one if you want to.

You will have the same options as if you had saved a task in the tree view

When you are finished with one task, click on a small icon

What’s New In?

An XML Explorer with a modular architecture. UI is structured in several
elements. Code is structured as a tree of top-level structures that define
the UI layout and that are customized using the XML nodes inherited by
all the components.

For exploring large XML structures we use a custom binary XML reader,
based on the open source PCRE library.

All the components are implemented as self-contained
widgets, with no heavy dependencies.

Built-in features:

XML File Viewer

XML Explorer – tree viewer with all the nodes and customization
options. You can switch easily among several of the available views
for the structure.

XML Configuration Editor

Configure the tree and the UI layout.
This is the configuration section.

Data Tree Viewer

Various views for the XML tree.

Quick Tree Viewer

Details for the selected element in the tree.

Generated Report Viewer

When the task is finished, you can view an automatically
generated report of the activity report that you can
save in a html file or in a csv format.


Save the XML tree with all the elements as a table in a csv
file. Export with a simple and intuitive interface.

Installation and usage:

1.- Unzip AJaTT on your computer.
2.- Launch “AJaTT.exe” or double click “AJaTT.lnk”.
3.- In the “New Project” dialog, give it a title and select “3-Column Layout”,
“Cancel” and “OK”.
4.- You will be promted with a “File Sorting” dialog, deselect the checkbox below
“bAlwaysSort”, press “Ok” then “Close”.
5.- In the “SimpleTable” dialog, enter in the cell the following:






XML file path

Html file



XML Explorer style




Activity Description





Complete Description


Html file



XML Explorer style



For now, start by filling in the “Source” field.

System Requirements For AJaTT:

– Minimum Specification
OS: Windows 7
CPU: Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core-i9
Ram: 3 GB
HDD: 10 GB
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 650/Nvidia Geforce GTX 760/Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060
Screen resolution: 1080×1920
– Recommended Specification
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Core i3, Core i5, Core i

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