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SAM ADAMS – The Emperor of Beer

In 2002, by the time Sam Adams’ third “Brewer’s Series” brew had been released to market, this brewer had already made a name for himself in the brewing industry. That was after he had released his first two beers in his “Brewer’s Series.”

I was introduced to Sam Adams in 1984 at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. He was there with a new beer called “Boston Lager.” I can still remember how impressed I was with the product. I’ve followed Sam’s career ever since.

By the late 1990s, Sam Adams was a successful brewer. The products were well-received in the marketplace and he had a small and growing distribution network. This was the time Sam was beginning to take a more serious look at the “craft brewing” movement and decided to get involved by supplying supplies to local brewers to help them expand their brewing operations.

I think in my article on the subject published in Brewer’s Journal, I even wrote about how I, along with Randy Mosher, had been asked to be on a panel at the Great American Beer Festival with Sam Adams. I even mentioned that Sam thought that if he could get all of the small brewers together and get them to start brewing and experimenting on their own, this would help the entire craft brewing industry.

Sam Adams has never been a multi-national company. His focus has always been on the beer. Although he has been expanding in the US, the large majority of his sales are in the US, as opposed to outside of the US.

Sam Adams has, in my opinion, been a trailblazer. He has done a lot of things that some brewers would consider unthinkable. He has been the first to mass produce a beer with a shelf life of four years. When most brewers were sticking with six-month shelf lives, Sam had a beer with a four-year shelf life. This was done 4f8c9c8613

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Make it possible to create keyboard macros and perform them through the AutoHotkey or keystrokes such as key combinations.
Keystrokes and AutoHotkey work exactly the same way, except that they always run on the computer and may even be a long running process.

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