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BitsMonitor is a simple tool to monitor and manage all web downloads.
The project structure is very simple and easy to understand.
BitMonitor has 2 modes of operation:
– usage mode: run application on your local machine and allow it to download files directly from web
– download mode: run application on remote machine (WinNT) and allow it to use BITS service to download files from web
Downloading data from web with BITS is really easy. You only need to add two links (one to get current time and other to get progress) and application will automatically start downloading file from web.
You can select file type (audio, video, web pages, etc) and file size (with some limitations – files smaller than 64MB). If you select web page, application will open web browser and you will be able to download it automatically.
The only problem with BITS service is that it can’t handle large downloads (bigger than 1GB). For those cases application will display an error page with a progress bar and will stop the downloading process. In this case you can simply choose Restart Download option.
If downloading error occurs, application will restart downloading (monitoring if this is the first time it’s trying to download file or not).
To use BitsMonitor on your local machine, just run the.exe file. After that your default browser will be opened and you will be asked if you want to open the web page where you want to download or browse that web page directly. When you click “Open web page”, your browser will be opened and you will be able to download file.
If you want to use BitsMonitor on remote machine, first of all you need to make sure that remote machine has BITS service installed. Remote machine should be WinNT or higher version of Windows.
You should also install an Application Loader on remote machine. You can find a detailed instruction at the link below.

After that you just need to copy the.exe file on remote machine (Application Loader will create a task for the application).
You can use command line arguments to specify path to the web page and/or path to a directory to download files to. By default, BitsMonitor tries to download web pages to default download directory. You can specify your own download directory or use command line argument to specify full path to web page you want to download.

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BitsMonitor uses a simple idea to add files to its database: a special file called “AddFile” is created, with a time stamp. All files that should be monitored are added to this file and BitsMonitor adds all its links to this file (by the time stamp). If some other program wants to add new file to BitsMonitor, it has to delete this file. When BitsMonitor starts, it tries to read this file, gets links to all files and adds them to its database.
At any time, BitsMonitor can get latest links from this file.
BITS Server URL support:
BitsMonitor handles the following versions of BITS:
– Windows 2000 and newer.
– Windows Server 2003 and newer.
– Windows XP and newer.
– Windows Vista and newer.
– Windows 7 and newer.
I do not have any idea how the NET Framework and Windows XP should be handled.
BITS Service:
The information about how the BITS service is structured is not stored in the application, this is only information needed to write to the “AddFile”.
– New downloads are added to the database automatically.
– New files may be added from the application itself or the command line arguments.
– Various views of the database are available:
– a Graphical user interface that shows downloads and their status.
– a SQLite database view that allows to get a bit of information from the database in a friendly way.
– a HTML file that is generated from the database.
– a command line tool that can create and monitor jobs.
– A.NET WMI application that can monitor updates of the database.
– The application supports URL changes.
– Latest links are periodically loaded from the database.
– The application supports various methods of canceling jobs (by time, by resource, by URL).
– The application supports various error handling methods.
– The application is a C# 2.0 program.
– Runs on Windows XP and newer.
– GUI-based (MFC).
Known bugs:
– A bug may cause, when Windows is being used on a server, all the BitMonitor’s jobs to start downloading.
– Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003: There is a bug, if you are working on a server and then the BitMonitor is started on a client computer. The BitMonitor may assume that the files on the server are to be downloaded.
– Support for Windows XP: The

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By using BitsMonitor, you can easily manage and monitor all web downloads. After downloading a web file, you can also resume downloads if downloading fails. If you want to monitor the download progress, you can use Bit Monitor by specifying Job ID. You can specify command line arguments too. You can download, upload and cancel/stop jobs. You can specify command line arguments to download/upload files.
BitsMonitor is not an FTP client.
As of now, BitsMonitor can only download web files.
BitsMonitor currently works on Windows 2000 and above.
BitsMonitor have been tested to work on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
Major features:
– Integrated into Windows
– Supports download and upload
– Resume aborted jobs
– Check status of downloading, uploading, aborting and/or cancelling jobs
– Specify command line arguments
– Add new web files and add/modify web links
– Add/Modify/Delete downloads from/to web links
– Support all web browsers (IE, Firefox, etc)
– Monitor progress of downloads
– Get progress/status of downloads
– Resume downloads
– Notify users when new files are downloaded or when link is removed
– Notify users when file is complete
– Provide data for the application settings
– Check and check if required files are present and if not download them
– Change the App/Program name (Replace the default name)
– Set the application icon
– Set the application executable file name
– Set the application shortcuts
– Support 32/64 bit environment
– Supports the application user interface language
– Compatible with.NET Framework 2.0 (includes VC 2005)
– Automatically starts at Windows startup
– Windows Forms application.
Other important Features:
– No installation needed. Simply drag and drop the executable file to the application folder (the main directory).
– One application file.
– No Registry or Command Line Arguments need to be modified.
– No command line arguments need to be modified.
– No configuration needed.
– Single file.
– Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
– No updates needed.
– No help needed.
– No Command Line Arguments needed.
– No Command Line Arguments will be used.
– No command line arguments need to be modified.
– No registry entries or registry modifications will be done.
– Can be run from inside Windows Explorer

What’s New In Bits Monitor?

Main Menu
1. Open
2. Add a Link
3. Add a Download
4. Resume
5. Remove a Link
6. Remove a Download
7. Show All
8. About

Windows Application :

1. The Main form contains a ListBox where a list of file and link is displayed and a status bar with information about the status of current file download.
2. A button Open or Add a Link is shown. The button adds a new link to the list. The Add link button opens a dialog where the file name is given, a link URL is shown and the file name of the downloaded file is given. When OK is clicked, the name of the file is stored in the list and the link URL is saved in the property where BitsMonitor gets the URL.
3. A button Add a Download downloads the file and saves the file to some path.
4. A button Resume downloads a file that was previously being downloaded, if it was not interrupted.
5. A button Remove a Link deletes the file from the list.
6. A button Remove a Download deletes the downloaded file.
7. A button Show All opens a dialog where all links and downloaded files are shown. The dialog may be closed.
8. A About dialog shows information about the project and the version of the program.

Copyright © 2013 DIMAN DIMANOV

All rights reserved.

Licence and use of this software are governed by the terms of the license agreement under which you are using it.

You must obtain a copy of this license before using this software.

You must license the use of this software to your company or yourself.

You may not use, modify or distribute the software, except as allowed under the terms of the license agreement.

You may not create derivative works based on this software.




The application has an open button to show the list of all files and links. The list of files and links is generated with the help of the listbox. Files are shown with their information from bits.
Add a link button. On clicking the button, a dialog opens where the file name and link are given. On pressing OK, the name of the file is added to the list, link URL to the property where BitsMonitor gets the URL of the link. The dialog is modal and no control may be given to other windows. The download may be resumed if the download was interrupted. The files will be deleted from the list if the link is deleted.
Add a download button. On clicking the button, the file name and link is shown in the dialog. On pressing the button, the file is downloaded and the file name is added to the list. The dialog is mod

System Requirements For Bits Monitor:

OS: Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) or Windows Vista SP2 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Processor: 1.2 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
DirectX: Version 9.0

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