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The PPC data presented in Figure [4](#F4){ref-type=”fig”} (§ 4) should be based on a correct conversion to the reference scale. We obtained the conversion factor for our samples with a simple setup and calibration method: After proper cleaning, a piece of mica was attached to a sample mounted on a standard copper holder with a molybdenum block. Then, the holder, the mica and the molybdenum block were placed in the holder of the HP-921 instrument and the mica and the molybdenum block were scanned. The calibration factor was obtained by the ratio of the scan area covered by the mica. A sample volume of 1 cm^3^was used. The mean value of four measurements was used as a conversion factor.

The conversion of the QIMS results (Table [1](#T1){ref-type=”table”}) to the results obtained from the HP-921 instrument is based on the mean value of the fitted QIMS results (Table [1](#T1){ref-type=”table”}). The mean values of the fitted QIMS results of the samples ranged from 2.7 times smaller to 4.5 times larger than the mean values of the QIMS data from the HP-921 instrument (Table [1](#T1){ref-type=”table”}).

Similar to the surface tension measurements, the conversion factor as well as the standard errors of the fit parameters are dependent on the instrument used (for an example, see, eg. \[[@B17],[@B18]\]). Therefore, the conversion factor and its uncertainty have to be determined for each new measurement method and this should be reported clearly in the paper.

The standard deviations of the QIMS parameters (Table [1](

Category: 3D graphics software
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Category: AutoCADMy last few nights have been wildly entertaining. Not just the view from my window, but the view from my few neighbors. A couple of at least, and probably more. I don’t recall anything approaching this level of enthusiasm since the days of the late Benny Binion.

The first morning, I carefully opened my window. There must be forty large birds in a tree a few feet from my house. They were every inch the part of a penguin, but my key was a long way down the street.

This morning, the squirrels had returned with a vengeance. They are now trying to crawl over my wall while the pigeons have taken on the role of the penguins. The next day was the same. They are everywhere.

Benny Binion has found his replacement: the double decker. These things are fascinating. They have an affinity for humans. They have become little houses that sit on the tops of trees. They are well, except for being noise.

The silence is interrupted by the raucous male cheetah (it does appear to be a male cheetah…or is it a male puma?) that is ambling towards the wall. He stops, turns, sniffs, and then gingerly steps up to a higher position. He stays like that for a good ten minutes, trying to get enough elevation for the first flight.

Eventually, it is done. When the cat steps down to the ground, it’s departure is full of fervor and purpose. It chases three or four different birds who jump the wall and disappear before he could catch them.

He was the final one I saw until the next morning. The last cat was the big cat, a very large leopard. I saw him walk down the road in the early afternoon. He seemed to be hunting something. For this activity, he had some room and time. He seemed to be fairly successful.

The next day, I noticed how many birds were missing. There was no cat to carry them off.

The behavior, the stealthiness, and the precision made me think this a mother cheetah carrying her babies. She was taking them to eat and leave, but for one reason or another, she was unable to get them to safety.

The next morning, I noticed another cat. A four legged one that looked


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