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Manage sound parameters with 3 edit modes in real-time, even when the user is playing! Create and process any number of sounds that can be added to a project at any time with the push of a button.
Drumatic is a complete drum synthesizer with a unique environment for playing, recording and editing drums. Create your own drum hits from scratch or customize your sound with a vast selection of presets.
Drumatic Features:
Drumatic is a multidimensional sound and synthesis environment. It is full of great features to allow sound creators to easily manipulate sounds to build unique and expressive drum tones.
– Create unlimited drum sounds
– Get the perfect tone quickly
– Intuitive controls for easy editing
– 3 edit modes for in-real-time control of sounds
– 4 sound slots to hold your drums
– Define your own keys for sounds with the system key
– Adjust the keys with the slider
– Apply your own effects on the sounds
– Auto cross-fades
– Randomize drums with mouse wheel
– Generate sounds with a user-friendly interface
– Load presets for quick sound creation
– Customize the keyboard of the sound parameters with the patch editor
– Easily edit drums in the global and per-slot areas
– Make and play changes live with the multi-window patch editor
– And more…
Drumatic Requirements:
Drumatic is a 32-bit plug-in for Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2003 and higher.
Additional Notes:
Drumatic, from day one, has been developed using 64-bit architecture. This brings with it a host of benefits, including a host of additional features that are not possible with 32-bit applications. As a result, we have taken the extra step to specifically design Drumatic for 64-bit applications.
VST does not have an official 64-bit version. That is why Drumatic works only with 32-bit VST hosts.
The main goal with this project was to re-create a professional solution for creating drum sounds for the current market.
So be assured, that Drumatic will never be underpowered to meet the needs of high-end users.

SonicDrumPads is a collection of user-friendly MIDI drum pads, created in the popular synthesizer program SonicPads. It provides over 25 instrument parts that you can connect to your own virtual drum kit.
The instrument parts include cl


Drumatic Serial Key VST plugin is an application that allows you to create drum sounds with any key of your keyboard. Its two main functions are that, after you create sounds, you can set the key to a specific value and then play the drum sounds by holding down the key you have chosen. Secondly, you can create sounds, set their key value and use them directly, as a single instrument within the host application.
Drumatic VST is just a simple VST plug-in that contains two main tabs, sounds and key-mapping. The key-mapping tab is only available if you have selected more than one key on your keyboard, so that you can assign sounds to different key ranges.
Sounds tab allows you to select the sound you wish to use as an instrument within the host application. The sounds are listed under each row and column that you select and you can also add sounds to the tab from the host application by right-clicking on the sound name. You can rename a sound by double-clicking on it or you can drag it to any other tab. The sounds tab provides three modes: None, View and Copy.
In the View mode the sound is simply shown as a picture and it can be pasted into the host application from there by selecting the Paste button on the main toolbar. The Copy mode allows you to copy a sound or sound selection from the host application into the sound tab, so that you can use that sound directly, without having to select it from the host application. In the None mode the sound is not shown, but it is still usable.
In the key-mapping tab you can create two different types of key-mapping.
First, if you have only one key available on your keyboard, you can assign a single sound to that key, so that you can play the sound directly by pressing the key. Second, you can assign a sequence of sounds, which you can assign to different keys and then you can play the sequence by holding down a key. Each of the sounds in the sequence is assigned to the key that you have selected.
The number of sounds you can have on your keyboard is unlimited. There are two options for the sound selection: Randomize and Set. The Set option selects a specific sound from the host application, while the Randomize option will generate a new sound for each time the plugin is loaded.
When you create a sound, it is added to the right side of the sound tab, while the key

Drumatic Full Version

What’s New in the Drumatic?

Drumatic is a drum synthesizer that provides a combination of subtractive, FM and wavetable synthesis to generate results.
You can use this application with any VST host system that supports plug-ins. Drumatic is now available for both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts. Just extract the ZIP folder and copy the DLL file to the plug-in folder of the host application.
The Controls are user-friendly and all knobs or sliders from the interface have three editing modes: Normal (drag with the mouse pointer), Fine (hold down the SHIFT key with dragging the mouse), Mousewheel (modify parameters using the mousewheel movements).
You have a selection of 10 sounds at your disposal. They are displayed as tabs in the upper part of the interface. You can rename them by double clicking on their name or your can right-click on them to copy, paste, save or randomize sounds. All sound tabs have an identical structure.
Drumatic provides two stereo noise oscillators for each sound. There are over 30 noise types that can be used, allowing you to generate the best possible results.
Filters can be applied to each of the three sections of the sound feature. There are a few type of filters that can be used: 6dB filters (do not contain resonance and feature Low / High pass and Low / High shelf), 12dB filters (Low / Band / High pass, Low / Peak / High shelf and Band reject).
This application enables you to set each of the 10 sounds to a specific key range on your keyboard. It provides real-time control over the sounds you create.
Drumatic is a good addition for music enthusiasts who require a means of creating flexible and variable synthetic drum sounds.

Thank you so much for providing this info.
I have tried a trial copy of the software.
1. I would like to understand that when I am playing a sound that I have created from scratch (i.e. not a preset) can I hold down a key and produce an arpeggiator?
2. The arpeggiator feature is extremely important to me. If I understand correctly I will need to take my sound and loop it back and forth.
3. To make sounds with both a noise oscillator and the arpeggiator I understand that I need to create a noise oscillator with two inputs. Can I do this at the same time?
4. How do I add a constant noise to my sound? I see the noise oscillator as being in the stereo controls. Is it possible to add a noise to my sound or would I need another plugin?
5. I have played with the controls a little bit and I have experimented with some of the basic sounds. The arpeggiator is my most favorite. I love when I can create a simple chord and it will create a phrase with only a single finger tap of the ar

System Requirements For Drumatic:

* Windows: 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit versions only)
* 1 GHz processor
* 1 GB RAM
* 800 MB available hard drive space
* Internet Explorer 9.0 or later, Firefox 9.0 or later
* Install and play.Q:
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