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The secret to creating professional graphics is to create a digital _layer._ A layer is a group of pixels that you can adjust independently, including its color, transparency, and size. Creating layers is one of the Photoshop secrets.

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Photoshop is built by Adobe, but you can also use it on free trial and for free with the Lightroom or Photoshop CC licences

Other software solutions on the web can duplicate Photoshop features, but they are not actually Photoshop. Some can be purchased and used, but others need to be purchased via a subscription or a one-time fee.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through all the features of Photoshop via its application elements.

Creating a New Document

In this tutorial we are using Photoshop CS2 and later versions. We’ll use Lightroom in the next tutorial, which is much more similar to other photo-editing applications like Photoshop.

Photoshop CS4 – New Document

Photoshop CS5 and later

There’s not much difference between creating a new document in Photoshop CS2 and later versions. However, if you just got started, consider starting with one of the beginner tutorials on this blog like Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop or Step By Step: Create Your First Photo.

You can load photos or create new documents from outside Photoshop. This is done by choosing one of the four options:

Image – This option will import an image file into the currently active document.

– This option will import an image file into the currently active document. New – This option will create a new document.

– This option will create a new document. Open – This option opens a document and previous images.

– This option opens a document and previous images. Recent – This option opens a document and recent images.

Working with the Photoshop CS2 and Later Version’s New Document Menu

To create a new document:

Select File > New.

You can also create a new document by opening the New Document or Image Import window.

When you create a new document, you’ll see a new document being created and then opened at the same time.

Photoshop Elements 3 – New Document

You may have noticed that there is not a New Document or Create New document menu in Photoshop Elements. Instead, a new document has been automatically created and opened. This is because Photoshop Elements isn’t a photo editing application.

Pressing the New Document button when loading an image will allow you to create a new document, but the application may hang during import, depending on your Internet connection speed.

Photoshop Elements 5 – New Document

The New Document menu has been replaced with the File >

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package main

import “fmt”

func main() {
// Consume a stream of floats
str := func(stream *Input) error {
for i := 0; i Gall-Wilck

Gall-Wilck is a community in the German state of Bavaria and the administrative seat of the same-named Verwaltungsgemeinschaft (“Administrative Community”).


The community lies between the river Lech and the Autobahn A 8 near the border with the Czech Republic, an area in which much new building development is taking place. The nearest town is Dürnroda, which belongs to the District of Halle-Leipzig.

Neighbouring Communities

The following communities border Gall-Wilck on the north, clockwise from the north:
Allerheiligen in the District of Halle-Land,
Großdubrau in the District of Halle-Land,
Heidborch in the District of Görlitz,
Neustadt an der Aisch in the District of Halle-Land,
Klam in the District of Halle-Land,
Mörsdorf in the District of Halle-Land,
Tauberbischofsheim in the District of Halle-Biedenkopf,
Prienhof in the District of Mitte,
Dudweiler in the District of Forchheim,
Bollongrund in the District of Görlitz, and
Böthen in the District of Görlitz.

In 1076, Gall-Wilck was settled by Slavic people. The name is probably derived from old Scandinavian sources, Gall being a word derived from the Norse gallr, and Wilck a Scandinavian word meaning “stone” or “cliff”. In 1343, Gall-Wilck was mentioned in a document recording a land ownership transaction.

As part of the Kingdom of Saxony, Gall-Wilck belonged to the County

What’s New in the?


Git-svn pull-up script to generate a README.txt file

I am currently learning Git and I am loving it, but I need help with something I have already created.
I’m currently developing an application in Java, I have created a README.txt file using notepad++, I have already committed the file into the repository and I want to use a git script to read the file and generate a README.txt file in the root directory.
The code I have found to do this is here:
I copied this code into a bash script called git-up.sh.
This is the script I have so far:

# get the branch name we’ll be working on
BRANCH=”$(git rev-parse –abbrev-ref HEAD)”

# if the branch does not exist, fail
if [[ $BRANCH = ‘???’ ]]; then
echo “ERROR: no branch named ‘$BRANCH’ exists”
exit 1

# otherwise, clone the repo
git clone

# switch to the branch we’re about to work on

# build out the new README.txt in the root directory
echo $(sed -e “s/^/version: /” README.txt) > README.txt

# commit the new README.txt to the repository
git add README.txt

# save the HEAD position in the repository
git commit -m “Added README.txt”

# switch back to the original branch

exit 0

The script is saving the current commit in the README.txt file but I also need it to pull in all the newer commits to my current branch and save them in the README.txt file.
Does anyone have any idea what I need to include in my script to make the pull-up script work?
Many thanks in advance!


You can just do a
git checkout $BRANCH

before you put the code you have there.

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All players must have at least 32-bit Windows (x86) operating system with DirectX 9.0 or better and 1 GHz processor.
Player must be running the latest version of free firmware available for their Rock Band 4 guitar controllers, or if they are using a Rock Band 3 guitar controller, they must have the latest firmware update available for the Rock Band 3 guitar controllers.
If you are using a Rock Band 4 game console, your computer must be connected directly to your game console using a USB cable.
If you are playing online, make sure


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