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Name Hide Seek Survive
Publisher gearrow
Format File
Rating 4.82 / 5 ( 2401 votes )
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Jonny Stranden

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Music credits:
In the Clouds by Kevin MacLeod

Under the Sea by Kevin MacLeod

Chariot by Kevin MacLeod

You Get Me by Kevin MacLeod

Don’t Stop by Kevin MacLeod

Ride the Sky by Kevin MacLeod

Wedding by Kevin MacLeod

*not_that_Song by Kevin MacLeod

The Card Game by Kevin MacLeod

The People Who Leave by Kevin MacLeod


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Hide Seek Survive Features Key:

  • Simple and intuitive interface
    Saves you money
  • Test your trigger fingers
    Auto-saving from shots, sets the ammunition to automatic and change to the firearm
  • Preview the target before firing
    Assist the player in setting the target aim-point
  • Adjust fire parameters easily
    Sound, munitions and Reload
    Define the target, shot type, difficulty, enemy type, ammunition, ammunition amount, fire rate and cooldown
  • Favorite and record your game
    Pause and resume shooting easily, record and upload your clip on YouTube
    Any enemy kills are saved
  • 24 existing target objectives
    Keep the target moving using the opposition game feature & auto-fire to shoot down the player
  • Four game difficulty levels
    Easy, medium easy, intermediate and hard
  • Two game modes:
    Standard shooter and TDM
  • Singleplayer or multiplayer:
    Choose the difficulty mode, number of players and aiming mode and settings
  • Weapon visual customization:
    Select the color and texture
  • Weather:
    Automatic weather and light effects at night and in forests
  • Sound customization:
    Choose the sound files and new profiles
  • Graphics customization:
    Change the paint job, gears and wheels
  • Game language:
    Choose the language


Hide Seek Survive Crack + Download

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The legend of the world of dinosaurs

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A survival and high-end mobile strategy with high graphics

Collect your allies and be ready to go on the quest!

A survival and high-end mobile strategy with high graphics

Battle against Fire Lord

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Hide Seek Survive Download

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