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Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server Torrent Download – A Web Server Monitoring and Tracking Tool is a professional internet monitoring tool used to help business owners to take action and…

Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server – The Web Server Tracking and Monitoring Application contains a simplified user interface for accessing a large variety of features, providing the ability to configure such parameters as when to record…

Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server – The program uses web access monitoring technology and intelligent filtering to record website navigation and image downloads, among other activities. Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA…

Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server – Internet Access Monitor is a web site monitoring and tracking software program that helps you to monitor and see how many visits, hits, clicks, and page views your web site is getting. Internet…

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Internet Access Monitor For MS ISA Server Crack +

Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server is an advanced tool for analyzing bandwidth usage within a corporate network and finding a host that consumes too much online time.
The program lets you keep a track of Internet usage for individual hosts or groups of computers and make detailed reports. Bandwidth and Internet traffic are monitored in real-time and you can instantly monitor your Internet subscribers.
The tool lets you calculate total data usage, analyze Internet traffic, make charts and export and share data. Besides that, you can use it as a search engine, view chats, mark system downtime, sort data by date or time, apply exclusion rules, automatically refresh data, manage log files, create custom reports or export data to file.
Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into other programs with no modifications or external software. It requires Windows Server 2008 or above, with an MS ISA Server.
Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server is a freeware, but also available as a demo. This application is compatible with all MS ISA Server editions, from MS ISA Server 2000 to MS ISA Server 2003, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Features of Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server:
– configures report options
– supports both flat and hierarchical reports
– filters data according to specified sources
– presents results in different ways
– allows you to check which host consumes most bandwidth
– generates network diagrams
– visualizes recent changes to the database
– sorts data by date, time, host, user name or IP address
– filters traffic by protocol, type of object, total data transfer, hosts, time range, etc.
– shows the number of objects visited in a network
– has a built-in timer that enables a host to be monitored for time periods of five, 15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes, and stores data for statistics
– saves recent data for two days
– shows active connections
– helps you find out which hosts are on the network
– lets you hide host columns
– can open system sites (msisa.com, msisa.net, msisa.org, etc.)
– creates log files
– allows you to receive email alerts
– manages log files
– helps to identify and fix potential problems
– can be used as a search engine
– has a search box
– has a graphical interface
– has a customizable toolbar
– comes with a database

Internet Access Monitor For MS ISA Server

Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server is a network monitoring software that works with Windows Server 2008, Vista or XP. It measures computer activity, allows users to create and modify various filter and report options, and provides an interface that is easy to use.
Set and manage user profiles.
Review log data.
Import and export log files.
Show statistics on a web page.
Export log files and statistics to HTML and XLS.
Triggers DNS requests, browse the Internet, make a search on the web, access business directories, calculate transactions, or download files or programs.
Advanced tools.
Create customizable reports on page-by-page, by user, by date, by country, by source, by protocol, by host categories, by IP address, by time range, by request, by application, by data type, by content type, by object source and by country.
Monitor and control users’ Internet usage.
Get real-time statistics about browsing activities, including the number of web pages visited, images downloaded, programs started, all common downloads and additional data such as the date and time of each activity and the countries and IP addresses used.
Installs with a single click.
Main features of Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server:
1. Supports Windows Server 2008, Vista and XP.
2. Easily configure the list of hosts, activities, users, servers, dates, months, dates, hours, IP addresses, countries, protocols, countries, networks, etc.
3. Users can create and manage multiple settings; it’s also possible to set some of these settings to specific computers or groups of computers, which allows you to modify and observe the general behavior of all users in the network.
4. Built reports; the interface is easy-to-use, and the organization of data is extremely convenient.
5. Export the log files and statistics to HTML and XLS files.
6. Graphs, charts, tables, statistics, statistics by day, month or day, country and protocol – all these elements are available for analysis and export.
7. Several advanced tools, including set filters, conduct a search on the Internet and so on.
8. Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server requires zero installation.
9. Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server keeps running smoothly; it does not slow down system performance.
10. Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server can be stored in the system tray and configured to run

What’s New In?

With the help of Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server you can keep track of your employees’ Internet usage time within a corporate network. It logs website navigation and image downloads, among others.
This is an advanced application that permits you to compile detailed reports for each computer user, which includes charts, a list of visited websites, and the overall bandwidth traffic consumption.
Initial configuration
Wrapped up in a pro-grade interface with a neatly organized structure, the tool lets you use a first run wizard to configure general settings regarding the reports style (flat or hierarchical) and data sources (with exclusion rules for hosts, client IP addresses, result codes, and object sources).
Examine, filter and export log details
Log information includes the date and time, address, data source, service, IP address, user name, protocol, content type, host category, application, object source and country, along with the total received and sent packets for each event.
It’s possible to filter data by data range, address and traffic, change the field values, hide any columns from display, open a specific site in the web browser, as well as put together reports with the traffic overview, incoming, outgoing and total traffic, requests and percentage.
Built reports and configure app preferences
Reports can be organized by data sources, users, workgroups, IP addresses services, protocols, content types, host categories, countries, months, dates, weekdays or hours. Plus, you can inspect chats, use a basic search function, send data via email or export it to file, convert IP addresses, clean up or restore the database, as well as import log files.
Numerous settings can be configured for Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server. For example, you can modify the default path to the database directory, customize the UI color scheme, limit the number of records to keep, hide the grid from charts, enable log files management, or schedule tasks and automatic email notifications.
Evaluation and conclusion
The software utility worked well in our tests, without hanging, crashing or showing errors. It used low CPU and RAM, so it didn’t hamper system performance. Although it hasn’t been updated for a long time, Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server comes packed with rich features for monitoring online activities within a local network.

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System Requirements:

Supported graphics cards: DirectX® 10-compatible graphics cards with at least 64MB video memory
Supported OS: Windows® 7 SP1 (64-bit operating systems are recommended), Windows® 8 (32-bit operating systems are also supported, but with a limitation on the number of monitors that can be connected to the game)
Supports multitouch gestures via mouse or keyboard.
Supports multi-monitor set up.
Supports Miracast.
Supports full screen antialiasing for displays connected via DVI or


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