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The problem with putting out a call for ideas is you often get a flood of ill-informed comments.

Sally: I loved this video it reminded me of the Geico commercial where the dad is at the swim meet with the other parents. He is worried his daughter will not have the attention she needs as she goes against the kids who have been swimming for years. He is trying to get her to complete a 100 yard backstroke, but she just can’t make it. It’s her first time, she’s young, and the race is on.

Myrone: Sally, I am actually very familiar with that ad, and it’s one of my all-time favorites.The dad’s message—that the race isn’t just for his daughter but for her and all the other kids in the pool who are their first time—was very powerful and it served as a really wonderful reminder of that fact. His concern for her was genuine and heartfelt and it really, really hit home for me.

Sally: I think that the dad in that ad shared a message that everyone can identify with, whether they’re a parent or not. It was heartfelt and real, and people I think really enjoyed it.

Myrone: I think you’re right. When we looked at the comments, people really did appreciate it and enjoyed it because it was true.

Sally: We did a video on a similar concept for a print ad in which people expressed the same kind of reaction.

This type of “the girl will never win” ad is common in swim ads, but it always leaves me saying, “I know that girl.”

Myrone: It’s like a Betty White commercial. People understand the message and appreciate the good message, even though they may know the family and the girl doesn’t have a chance.

Sally: When we first started the video, I didn’t think it would turn out so well. I thought we were going to look like a couple of bitter old ladies complaining about the kid of our dreams.

Myrone: You’re right. But once





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