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The KEYMACRO Cipher is a block cipher which uses a modified version of
the S-Boxes from the DES as the S-Boxes.
The KEYMACRO Cipher is similar to the DES and the AES in that it is a
block cipher, keyed, it has a 64 bit block size, and the key size is 128
bits (0-255 in decimal).
The DES/AES block cipher is designed to encrypt or decrypt messages
that are broken up into blocks of 64 bits.
This KEYMACRO Cipher was designed for the same purpose, it is a
modified version of the DES S-Boxes which are originally described in the
DES algorithm.
The KEYMACRO Cipher has two modes of operation, one for symmetrical
encryption and the other for decryption.
The KEYMACRO Cipher has a number of advantages over the AES cipher,
including its similarity in hardware and software support, ease of
implementation, and a simple mode of operation.
Key Size:
Key size of 128 bits (0-255 in decimal). The key size is used to
construct the 256 bit key from the 64 bit key.
DES S-Boxes:
The cipher uses the S-Boxes of the DES to perform its encryption
and decryption. The 16 S-Boxes have been modified in the KEYMACRO
Cipher to give it additional strength.
The KEYMACRO Cipher uses a modified version of the DES S-Boxes.
This algorithm uses an approach which could be described as a
combination of an approach developed by Peter Rogaway and an approach
developed by Wayne G. Everhart.
The modified version of the S-Boxes in the KEYMACRO Cipher was
designed by Fred Wei, Ross Anderson and myself.
The approach which is being used is described below.
First, I developed a new method for generating the S-Boxes in the
KEYMACRO Cipher. I called this the double nested method.
Then, I developed a new method for operating on S-Boxes. I called
this the nested approach.
In the nested approach, the S-Boxes are nested, and the KEYMACRO
Cipher performs an operation on the array of S-Boxes which is nested in
the array of S-Boxes which is nested in the array of S-Boxes.
The double nested method differs from the nested method in that each
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KeyMacro is a specialized software application that allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for any Windows application. As opposed to Windows hotkeys, the focus of this program is to replicate the functionality of a physical keyboard.
Thanks to the KeyMacro, you will be able to perform a variety of actions more easily. These can range from navigating between various pages and views in your favorite applications to opening an individual file, creating a new folder or even accessing an external website.
The program itself is extremely simple to use, and everything is done via a single wizard-type of interface. You are provided with all the necessary information on the various keyboard shortcuts to select, such as a name, description and a variety of pre-set functions.
Supported formats, skins, font sizes and lots of other things
KeyMacro works with a wide variety of programs, including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Apple Mail, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and more. It is also possible to have access to and use those in the usual ways, but once they are created, they can be accessed with a single click.
Furthermore, you can create keyboard shortcuts for most of the popular Microsoft programs. So, if you own or use Microsoft Office, you will be able to utilize this feature to save you some time.
Of course, it is possible to access and use a variety of other applications. For example, you can choose to have a shortcut for Internet Explorer, a web browser, or Firefox for browsing.
A lot of information on what each shortcut means and its functionality is also provided to you. So, you can always check the respective help section for all that is available in the program.
Another feature worth mentioning is the availability of skins. It means that you can change the appearance of the keyboard shortcuts. You can choose the skin of the application you prefer and even alter the layout of the keys.
Furthermore, the number of characters you can input can be increased by including special characters like the ‘@’ and ‘#’.
Some may argue that, while the program is quite basic and easy to use, it is quite limited in functionality. However, that really depends on how much you are looking to expand it.
In summary, KeyMacro provides an awesome and easy-to-use solution for all users, whether beginner or advanced.
System Requirements:
KeyMacro requires a minimum of Windows 7 or later. The program can be used by a variety of users, but it will perform


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