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The data described (format not specified) is in a file called nature.xlsx.
You can open it with Excel 2010 or later (a compatibility with Excel 2003 is not implied).
The data is exported from LogiCal, as per this review.
I have assumed you have an appropriate licence for Excel 2010 or later, otherwise that may not work (though I doubt Excel 2003 is affected).
You can use a HTML file to view the data (perhaps suggest you use a PDF or CSV file view option with your browser), Excel can use HTML for reading, or you may have to use a.Net library to read and write the file.

Socialist Appeal No. 1084, 20 November 1966.

The issue of power and the struggle for socialism within the trade unions is one of the main issues facing the movement today.”

1. The potential of the Labour movement for an independent socialist politics is to a certain degree based on its role in the struggles of the workers. But up to now, it is not yet clear how far the strength of a movement-of-struggles is a factor in the growth and strengthening of the movement as a whole.

What is certain is that so long as the conscious workers are sidelined by the reformists who believe in the system, the movement will not be capable of developing. The reformist mentality, which is to say: the mentality of the unions under capitalism, has served as a safety valve, a shield against the repression and pressure of the employers, against the ‘class enemy’. The reformist mentality kept the rank and file in the unions, but it was nevertheless a contradictory mentality, reactionary to the core, since it believes in the unions themselves, in a separate sectoral organisation of workers. This mentality has supported the existing system, prevented the struggle from becoming a struggle against the system, and often contributed to a weakening of the struggles rather than a strengthening.

What is more important is that the reformist mentality does not tell the workers what they want and need, that is, what will be the decisive advantage of a socialist politics. The workers have to make their own judgements. But the reformists who believe they are being more practical and responsible, etc., can do little to convince the workers that they are mistaken. Reformism is a negative, spontaneous movement, which is incapable of convincing the workers of anything, since it does not really have an alternative to capitalism. The situation


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