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Find more information about how and why to use fontverter here:
When building your.ttf font file, you’ll have to have.zip format in order to extract the.ttf file.

The most commonly used sequence to make a.zip file is the following:
$ zip -r “text document.zip”.txt.txt.ttf

The.zip file extension is actually created as a.ZIP extension by the archive utility and this is the only extension that can be used in the command line.
It is called.zip because it is compressed and.ZIP is a normal file extension for the compressed files.

A.zip file consists of a.ZIP file and the compressed contents of all the files (such as your.ttf,.txt,.wav, etc).

So if you had a txt file and a.ttf font file, the.zip file could be:
$ zip -r “txt document.zip”.txt.ttf

This means that the “.zip” file is created, and then the “.zip” file is renamed to “.




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