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* Access the Windows 8 Start screen in Windows 7!* Get date and time with several options on a single screen* Look up the time or date on the Metro background* Use the desktop in full-screen mode* Pin apps and websites to the Start screen* Access Google Calendar and weather info* Switch to classical desktop* Get more information about options, tips and tricks or ask a question in a chat room* Share and chat on Facebook* Set Metro7 to automatic boot or hide the Windows 8 taskbar in full-screen mode* Hide the Windows 8 start screen transition animation* Disable the background image scrolling when moving apps to/from the start screen* Set opacity to the Metro7 Start screen or to the windows in full-screen mode or hide the Windows 8 taskbar
* Disable Metro8’s full-screen mode* Disable Metro8’s widget animations* Disable full-screen mode* Configure other user’s options
* Hide the Windows 8 taskbar in full-screen mode* Set taskbar opacity and size* Change system language
* Set the application’s default language* Set the application to automatically boot* Disable persistent wallpaper * Change the application’s background color and image* Set the application’s opacity
* Set the application’s container transparency
* Change the application’s font style
* Enable and disable the text cursor
* Displays a fixed black search bar on the desktop when switching to Classic mode* Show the windows taskbar when using full-screen mode* Hide the Metro icon in Windows 8 right click menu* Disable the white line on the top of the screen
* Show the application tray icon even when the Metro screen is hidden
* Hide the application tray icon when the Metro screen is shown
* Set the window name (for the Windows 7 title bar)
* Set the application’s icon
* Use the Windows 7 taskbar
* Use the Windows 7 system tray
* Show Windows 8 Start screen when the application is not running
* Set the start screen to: Full screen | Minimized | Dialog | Notification – allow user to choose between the options
* Open it up by pressing the Windows key + R or in the taskbar
* Load the latest app list, pinned apps, weather, calendar and news
* Modify the start screen background image
* Change the default start screen picture, time or date
* Change the default start screen color
* Enable or disable the background picture scrolling
* Set the default option to hide the navigation pane
* Set the application to auto


In the Windows 8 Start menu, everything is on one screen. Using the Metro interface, you can view photos, see frequently used apps, check weather and search for information. With Metro8, you can also open other windows on the screen, create a desktop shortcut and even switch between desktops from the Start screen. For a limited period of time, the Windows 8 Store has an app which brings the Windows 8 Start screen to Windows 7. Metro7 is a similar program, but it works on desktop Windows 7. Metro7 aims to make the Windows 8 Start Screen accessible to all the Windows 7 users. Using Metro7 for a limited time, you can view photos, get weather info, search for info, see apps on the screen and create a desktop shortcut from it. Metro8 was designed for those who have not yet decided whether to stick with Windows 7 or get the new operating system. The application lets you use the same keyboard and mouse on the desktop, so that you can work on both screen. Metro7 is similar to Metro8, but has many other options which make it different from Metro8. However, the differences are small, and the functions are mostly the same. Installing Metro7 to the Windows 7 will bring the same appearance to your desktop as the Windows 8 Start Screen has. The application enables you to pin your apps and websites to the screen, as well as add new ones easily. You can have desktop shortcuts on the screen. There are some desktop customization options which allow you to change the desktop picture, add a wallpaper and select a different language for the operating system. Metro7 is free to use, but it includes the paid version of Metro8 as a in built feature. Some of the options can be found in the free version of the Metro8. It is definitely a useful application for those who are on Windows 7 and do not want to spend money to upgrade to Windows 8.

Metro8 is a powerful and fully functional desktop customization application for the Windows operating system. Let’s have a look at some of the handy features of this application. You can even switch between the classic desktop and the Metro interface from within this application, which is not possible with any other free application. One of the key features of Metro8 is the ability to switch between the classic desktop and the Metro interface. You can also have desktop shortcuts on the screen, which is not possible with all other applications. Other notable features include the ability to pin apps and websites to the screen, add an app from the Windows 8 Store,

What’s New in the Metro7?

Windows 8 is a new era of the Windows OS, which marks a new direction for Microsoft. In the past, Microsoft focused mainly on improving and expanding the existing Windows operating system. The operating system was gradually optimized and improved. The interface and user experience were gradually improved. However, Windows 8 was the first time that Microsoft attempted to fundamentally reform the operating system in many aspects. Microsoft did not need to build new software like Office. Windows 8 also no longer needed to have the option of dual booting with other operating systems. Its more unique features are also not easily replaceable by new users.
Metro is a user interface for Windows 8. Metro is the brand name of the user interface design concept and technology that originated with Microsoft. Due to the large number of its characteristics, and the small space in which it is displayed on the screen, Metro is widely recognized as a uniform design concept for a smartphone. For Windows 8, Microsoft uses a meta-look to set the standard of the new Windows interface. This interface is called Metro UI and has the characteristics of several desktop interfaces, such as Windows Explorer (The file manager of Windows 8).
Metro UI design concept
The design concept of Metro UI is simple and clear, because it adopts a uniform design concept, and all elements are refined and simple. It consists of two parts. When users click the icons of the home or screen of the menu, they will automatically open. The main elements of Metro UI are the start screen and the menu screen.
Start Screen
The start screen is the home screen of Metro UI, where the start screen appears. The user can select the start screen by clicking the taskbar icon. After clicking the start screen, the user can quickly access the calendar, browser, Mail, calculator, and other system options. When the start screen is displayed, the start screen shows the following elements:
1.The user can view the wallpaper or select another wallpaper.
2.The clock shows the current time and date, or the user can quickly open the calendar, and so on.
3.The quick access to the user’s e-mail and social networks.
4.The user can access the back, task manager and other options.
5.View the Windows 8 8.1 user guide.
6.The user can easily uninstall the program in addition to the information provided by Metro7.
7.The user can also click the search button to search for files or information on the Internet.
8.The user can access the

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i3 or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Mac: OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) or higher
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB

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