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Changing your standard wallpaper to a different one and add a fresh breath to your PC.
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Reason: Updates for additional features.The internet is a far more complicated place than it was even a year ago, and any one of your favorite websites is likely now under the protection of a bevy of different companies. So, how do we know the truth about the way that things work?

As it turns out, not well. The internet works on the basis of trust—but with a lot of the internet, that trust is not so easy to come by. Take the domain name system, for example. Domains are the keys to the internet, and the internet is a pretty complicated place. Imagine trying to go to a site like omg.com, and you’re greeted with a bit of misdirection. Instead of the home page, you get a notice that the domain name has been sold, but don’t worry, the good folks at omg.com have provided you with this address instead: at-2.cdn.turner.com.

That’s because omg.com is actually at-2.cdn.turner.com, owned by a company called Network Solutions. So, what’s a CDN? Well, a company like Network Solutions buys domains, and they’re like real estate; they have to actually own the real estate to be able to sell it. Network Solutions bought omg.com, then passed it along to someone else, who in turn sold it to a different company, and that company resold it to omg.com.

That’s a simplified version of how the internet works. And even if you’re an internet veteran, it might not be the most intuitive way to explain things. It took three companies to sell the domain omg.com before someone could buy it and change it to a new site. And even if you were on the network and you were able to talk to the person that owned the domain and found out where the domain was coming from, you’d have no way of knowing who they actually owned the domain from—because they might have sold it to two different companies along the 45cee15e9a

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The Last.fm Music Player is a simple way to get to listen to your favorite music, and discover new music. You can now add your Last.fm friends, and find out what music they are listening to, and if they have the same tastes.
Check your friend list
Since you are a Last.fm user, you probably have some friends on the site. What’s more, as long as you are signed into the website, you can check how they’re doing, and in some cases, exchange your music tastes with them.
Then, you can either go straight to a specific artist, or playlists, to find out what music they are listening to, or any other options available on the site. What’s more, you can search for songs of the past, or the future, and even find out what music they were listening to during certain periods of time.
Check the music they are listening to
Because you are a Last.fm user, you already know what music your friends are listening to. What’s more, they will be able to check it out, since you’ve given them the username and password. As a result, you’ll be able to see what they’ve played recently, and discover new music to add to your playlist, since it can be sorted according to many different criteria.
The site also allows you to check the new music your friends have been listening to, as well as tags, playcounts, and many more options. Moreover, you can share music with friends, as well as keep track of your listening history.
Check your playlists
Last.fm allows you to create playlists, and also to search them out. What’s more, you can have them categorized according to many different criteria, such as genre, mood, and location, and even as a reminder to listen to, or watch a certain artist. There’s also a library playlists, which can be used to download any song you’ve selected.
Other options include sharing your playlists with friends, and subscribing to them to get notifications when new music is added. The site also keeps track of your playlists


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