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Paint Shop Pro 8 Python Libraries Missing Corrupt !!BETTER!!

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Paint Shop Pro 8 Python Libraries Missing Corrupt


It is always difficult to know why a particular extension is missing from the Python list .
Ideally you would avoid installing any new modules . the way this problem got solved. They have a good solution. Just reinstall OS.
Dec 5, 2018 . Recently. I was trying to run my PLR program in Windows and kept getting the error. 1: No Python Library.
Open. I used python to execute some scripts that are used to automate some actions. The Python script has some libraries included that I need to properly

get error on startup
I am trying to figure out why I am getting the error messages. Could you please tell me what my problem is. I have used Python even before Windows XP. It has been installed for a few years. I only had to reinstall Windows XP recently after I had Windows 10 installed on my old PC. I used the same Python installation before and after. I am only using it to execute some scripts that are used to automate some actions. This is the first time that I had to reinstall Windows. Just to mention. I am not running the scripts at the same time that I use Paint Shop Pro.
I am using Pycharm and the only version of Python that I have installed is 2.7.
Is it a problem with my Pycharm installation or is there something else that I am not aware of?


If that is the case then most likely it is because there is a bug in the 32-bit Python 2.7.5 installer.
If you can not confirm whether Python2.7.5 is in the correct installation location you can try to run Pyshp-2.7.5.exe from the Pyshp location.
Python 2.7.5. Win32
Download link:
This is a Windows Installer package. The files are probably located in the following location: C:\Python27
More information:

Note: Python2.7.6 is available as Windows Installer package
by the time of this writing.

The installer for Python3.6.3 is


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