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PCRunLog is an outstanding and effective tool for recording of your workouts, running program or general activity session. From weight lifting to running, biking to swimming, you can track it all and keep a record of your progress. In addition to the basic features of a diary, this handy application also keeps track of your running shoes, by letting you track their mileage. All of the information is stored on your PC and can easily be printed out in a more comprehensive overview. In case you want to keep a detailed record of your running activities, PCRunLog will surely meet your needs. Key Features: * Track miles covered by running shoes * Track distance of general physical activity * Track running program * Keep track of your progress over time * Track any exercise you want to record Compatibility: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Windows Vista 32-bitFeel the love Whether you’re a mourner or a lover, how would you like to go on a journey with one of your closest friends? You could be in for a huge surprise, one with multiple life-changing endings. You could be one of the mere millions who have already finished reading her journey through life, each ending, each new beginning, the life experiences, the relationships, the closeness to another as seen through the red eyes of the Earth. And most of all the tears of a mother You may wish to read about another trip, but you would never have expected the life you’ve chosen. You will once again receive the best gift you could have wished for, the gift of life and the gift of death. The gift of the opportunity to share a lifetime of love, your work, achievements and failures with the Earth. If you don’t read this book, you will miss the gift, and miss it a second time. How much will you love a book that gives you the chance to fall in love all over again? The ebook is available to purchase on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Sony and more. Join Rebecca in her first (and hopefully not last) journey to the end of life on Earth. About the author Becky Kramer likes to take her time over everything. She is the author of the bestselling book Sex after Sixtyplus and the collector of old music records. Becky likes to live on the road, stay on her feet as long


RunLog is a small application that is tailored to keep track of your running activity. It keeps track of your running distances, timings and distances covered, as well as your weightlifting and swimming totals. The application works by recording each data entry and is capable of producing charts, graphs and detailed reports. All settings can be adjusted to keep the amount of data entry to a minimum. Interactivity is absent, and you have to make the application work for you instead of the other way round. RunLog is not perfect, but it does everything you need it to do. Despite its shortcomings, the application is a good way to control your physical activity, as it allows you to record data and track performance. PCRunLog Features: Record your running data and logs Full logging of distance, time and weight distribution Export reports and graphs Track miles per month, day and hour Replace each data entry with another Adjustable and customizable to meet personal preference The program also features a diary that allows you to keep track of your physical activities for unlimited periods. You can enter any distance, time and weight values you want, which will be recorded on your computer. This can be a good approach if you want to keep track of your running routine and timing more accurately. Charts and graphs can be printed out and used to track your workout. The program offers the ability to record any data entry made within its diary, so you can quickly replace the old one with a new one, without losing your previous entry. With this option enabled, RunLog will save your current entry, and add the new one after that. RunLog is also capable of selecting the day and month of the session on which it will keep record. This allows you to accurately track your running days and workouts, and you can also monitor your progress over time. It can also be a good idea to search for upcoming holidays as an extra motivation to keep track of your physical fitness. RunLog can also be used as a diary. This gives you an unlimited amount of space to log your activities, including rest days, holidays and the like. You can set the maximum number of entries you want to log for each day, month or year. After you have reached this limit, RunLog will start saving the previously entered data after that, and delete the last item with the oldest date. PCRunLog Shortcut Keys: Ctrl+Alt+E to access settings Ctrl 91bb86ccfa

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Run Logs Create and edit run logs easily and conveniently with this exclusive app. Record your results in your own run log to compare with your friends’ or record your progress over time. Features: – Supports iPhones, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. – Run Logs: Segment run logs into laps, jogs and runs in order to compare your progression. – Remote Sync: If you are too lazy to login to your device to update the settings, you can remotely sync your run logs with your devices. – Track Distance: You can manually enter your running distance and then track the progress over time. – Customizable: Customize the virtual diary in your run log to suit your needs. – Customize Layout: Choose your own color scheme to suit your personal needs. – Export: You can also export your run logs in a PDF format. Run Logs Run logging is where you will record your running progress over a specific period of time. You can manually set the date and time and set custom alerts for the number of days elapsed. Get your iPhone and Android device running and keep track of your run with Run Logs. Run your 3K, 5K or 10K as you progress by recording each mile. Features: – Run Laps: Use your iPhone or Android device to log the exact distance run each lap. – Track Distance: Accurately set your mileage, time and distance when logging your runs. – Custom Alerts: You can choose to set custom alerts by walking, running or jogging for each day and create your own workout schedule. Remote Sync: Go for a walk or run and remote sync your run log to your computer. Your iOS and Android devices will automatically sync your results to your computer using your online accounts. Customize: Customize the look and feel of your iPhone or Android device. Choose from our collection of iPhones and Android skins and change your device’s color theme. PDF Export: You can also export your run log to your computer in PDF format. Run Logs Description: Run Logs Create and edit run logs easily and conveniently with this exclusive app. Record your results in your own run log to compare with your friends’ or record your progress over time. Features: – Supports iPhones, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. – Run Logs: Segment run logs into laps, jogs and runs in order to compare your progression. –

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PCRunLog includes the features of a fitness tracker, an activity diary and a logbook for exercise. It allows you to easily track your running distance, as well as keep a tab on the use of your running shoes. PCRunLog can also generate statistics about your workouts, as well as track the total distance, number of miles or speed during running sessions. ]]> of the frequency of meals on eating patterns of mentally retarded boys and girls. This study compared the effect of differing meal frequencies on eating patterns of two groups of seven boys and seven girls who were 8-15 years of age and were retarded (IQ 56-77). The two groups were treated in a multiple baseline design across subjects. Each subject was tested in each experimental condition across two baseline phases. Efficacy of the system was established before the experimental phases began. Each meal for the two baseline phases was eaten at the same time each day for a period of three weeks. Three meals were eaten on weekdays and two meals were eaten on weekends. On weekdays, subjects were served meals at fixed intervals of 0.5, 1.5, 3.0 or 5.0 hours. On weekends, they were served meals at 0.5, 1.0 or 2.0 hours. The “0.5” interval was maintained on all weekend days of a block. One weekend period was used as a baseline, and the other weekend periods were experimental conditions. Periods were separated by 4-6 weeks. Dietary periods were separated by a similar period of time. Preliminary analyses suggested that no significant differences were found for the global frequency of meals across weekends or for the 0.5-, 1.5-, and 3.0-hour conditions. Average meal size across periods was significantly smaller on weekends than on weekdays for the 0.5-, 1.0-, and 2.0-hour conditions. The biggest differences were found for the 1.5-hour condition, indicating that more energy was consumed at meal times at the weekend. Generalizability was enhanced by the use of a multiple baseline design. The implications for future research with mentally retarded children are discussed.Saturday, September 2, 2009 US Mexico Border Even before Obama was elected, and more so now than ever before, the Obama administration believes that it is their job to not only protect the United States border with Mexico, but to

System Requirements For PCRunLog:

Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7/8 Processor: 1.8 GHz Memory: 1 GB Graphics: Minimum DirectX 9 graphics card DirectX: 9 Hard Drive: 200 MB Recommended: OS: Windows Vista/7/8 Processor: 2.0 GHz Minimum requirements are to allow the

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