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Rufus Failed To Scan Image

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Rufus Failed To Scan Image


The Rufus tool is failing to scan the files I send it to be. When I run Rufus, all I get is “Error: ISO image extraction failure”. I’m using Windows 10 and Rufus v1.7.7. The log file looks like this:
Problem 1: Rufus Failed To Extract the ISO.
I’ve attempted to follow some tutorials on it, but they seem to be broken. I’ve tried using the OP-TECH program and Rufus, with the same results. I’ve seen people on Reddit say that if they’ve used Rufus before successfully, and then it doesn’t work, that they can use Win32DiskImager.
My problem is that I’m not sure what is wrong with my image, or how to fix this and be able to use Rufus to have the ISO file I’m sending to it work.


Each time I run Rufus, I get the same error. “Error: ISO image extraction failure”. I’m using Rufus v1.4.3.385

It’s probably a bug in the latest version of Rufus. You could try older version.

Rufus doesn’t automatically detect the correct registry settings needed for Windows 10’s “clean install” process.
In my case, I needed to add the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Manager Flushing Enabled to 1

Checklist I looked at to see if my question has. Attributes: 0x0000000000000000 Scanning image.

It appears so, yes.

Get this ISO file by downloading it from an official Microsoft link and then extracting it.

This is possible, but you’ll have to manually delete some of the extra files inside ISO (those that have the letters.WIM), and add other ones (Those are free space and the Installer folder).

Install the ISO image with FAT32 formatting as shown in the photo from the first link. If the install was successful, then the USB drive is

Ok, from the Microsoft instructions, we can see that a Windows installer ISO (WIM) is used.

You can use the method shown below by using Rufus to flash Windows 10 Image File to a Flash Drive then using that to install

In other words, you can use Rufus for Windows 7 http://www.eztkerested.hu/upload/files/2022/06/s13pRGoAYU1v7MFaCrcQ_07_7330a9fa5710d774b345fab131916b5f_file.pdf


Ref: test-usb-drive-windows
Sep 16, 2019
I have the error “ISO image rufus failed to “. After I put the USB to the computer and use the Rufus to create a bootable stick, it is still reading.
Reformat USB Stick – USB Stick:
Formatting USB Stick “sdb1” to FAT32 as file system with size of “3073” bytes per sector in the selected volume.
Formatting USB Stick “sdb1” to NTFS as file system with size of “31073” bytes per sector in the selected volume.
Formatting USB Stick “sdb1” as FAT16 as file system with size of “30371136” bytes per sector in the selected volume.
ISO image, extracted on the desktop.
Extracting rufus.
Rufus failed to extract image for ISO image to disk.
Rufus Tool v2.3.4 (64bit), released 2019-05-17
Error: Failed to scan image, error code: 1
Error: Clicking on “Start” started process, but stopped prematurely because of the error.
Apr 26, 2019
Tried to extract from the log, but it is still the same error that occurs when I try to extract the image.
I unplugged the USB then plugged it back in but it was already unplugged after that.
sudo rufus extract -i -n 3 -v USB
unable to open file:///


Download the.iso file using the connection utility of your web browser.
If you wish to do so, select the option “Download using download managers or browsers.”
Then, you will be able to extract the.iso file using Windows.

Download rufus 2.3.4 from its website.
Install rufus to the default directory.
Transfer the.iso file to the directory.
Execute the command rufus extract -i -n -v

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